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Specialists for Intown Atlanta’s unique older homes since 1977.

Born in the fall of 1977, Chimney Mischief has been able to grow and prosper for all of these years as the Atlanta chimney cleaning experts. The Atlanta chimney sweep service we provide is next to none. Our success can be attributed to one method of doing business that can be described in 3 sentences:
  • Treat each homeowner or potential customer and their home or establishment as unique, and as if it is your own.
  • Thoroughly evaluate all parts of the chimney and fireplace.
  • Formulate a set of recommendations that fit the needs (if any!) of the fireplace system, and educate the customer on their particular set of conditions so that they may make an informed decision based on their preferred use of the fireplace be it wood burning or a gas product.

Sounds quite simple, but my 30 plus years of experience in this business has served as a constant reminder that there is still less real information available on this part of your home than any other. There are companies willing to take advantage of that fact by using a business model at every home they visit that exploits this lack of knowledge of fireplaces (both in the general public and the construction industry as well) to literally scare people into spending hundreds or many times thousands of dollars to satisfy their own monetary needs of high overhead and profit while in most cases doing nothing to change the safety profile or otherwise enhance the particular fireplace. Our Atlanta chimney sweep and chimney fireplace safety services are different. We have copies of the 2010 NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 211 guidelines. They are not all part of the Uniform Building Code, and we don’t use them as a scare tactic or a sales tool. They are guidelines. Sometimes homeowners are wise enough to get a second opinion, but all too often I find they do nothing for one or more years which can rob them of the use of their fireplace for fear it may cause damage to the structure.

At Chimney Mischief, we believe your home is not a business model. We have no preconceived idea of what we are going to say when we get to your home. We evaluate, educate, and if you hire us, provide an excellent service at a true cost that allows us to satisfy your particular needs and move on. We pride ourselves on providing the Atlanta chimney cleaning and chimney sweep services that our customers deserve.

We are a full service chimney and fireplace company that specializes in in town Atlanta’s unique older homes, but also serves communities inside or outside the perimeter as time permits.
Whatever your needs might be, we can handle the job, from a guaranteed no mess cleaning, to several styles of chimney caps and dampers, and all types of brick repairs and rebuilds in the firebox, smoke chamber or elsewhere on the chimney structure. It could be that you just need a safety inspection or some advice, or it could be a whole new fireplace inside or outside your home. Trust the chimney and fireplace experts at Chimney Mischief to handle any Atlanta chimney sweep or chimney maintenance needs you may have. Our Atlanta chimney sweeps are highly skilled and have the experience to get the job done right the first time.

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We are the chimney company in Atlanta, GA that you can rely on for honesty and reliability. Our Atlanta chimney sweeps have many years of experience in the chimney and fireplace industry. Call us today and get a consultation about your chimney maintenance or custom chimney construction needs. We also service Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Marietta, and the surrounding areas.