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Atlanta chimney cleaning requires specialized equipment and specific knowledge of the workings of a fireplace. The first piece of equipment is the dust control vacuum system. This vacuum does no cleaning of the chimney at all, it is there on top of one or more large drop cloths in front of your fireplace to protect your home from any soot or ash that is removed from the flue and smoke chamber of the fireplace. There can be no chance of allowing the dust to enter the living quarters, and we have the finest vacuums specifically designed for chimney cleaning, that cost in excess of $1500 dollars. The specialized connecting rods and a variety of brushes mechanically clean the chimney all the way to the top of the chimney from inside the house with the vacuum(s) running. A quality job takes a skilled technician who knows from experience how to manipulate the rods and brushes, especially in the smoke chamber area where no brush fits perfectly. At Chimney Mischief we have over 50 years experience on staff to make sure the job is handled correctly. This is important because when the job is completed only a specialist and not a home owner or even a building or home inspector is going to be able to tell how well the job was done.

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I can tell you it is impossible to properly clean a chimney for $99, and judging from their less than perfect feedback and some follow up work we have done behind these companies, there are others that agree. They are offering a service to attract those who may think all chimney cleanings are the same and are trying to save money. Do you want to trust the safety of your home to someone who might really clean carpets for a living and is looking to put a little extra money in their pocket because they know you will not know how good a job they did? There are also companies charging excessively high rates for chimney cleaning so they can do a video inspection on every job. This is also not necessary. We give the option of a video inspection based on what the technician specifically finds at your home and may or may not advise that you have that done. A company doing it on every job is really just trying to sell more chimney liners to improve profits rather than really change the safety profile of a particular fireplace. At Chimney Mischief we feel we offer the absolute best combination of price quality and service, providing you with only the products and services you actually need at a fair price.

Chimney Mischief is the Atlanta chimney cleaning company you can rely on to take care of your chimney service needs. We provide honest, reliable, and comprehensive services. Our over 50 years of experience in the chimney cleaning business makes us the obvious choice when you are looking for a chimney cleaning company in Atlanta. Call us today and speak with a chimney cleaning expert that can explain what types of services best fit your needs.

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