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We install and/or repair gas starters in woodburning fireplaces and also take great pride in knowing that if you choose to use your fireplace with gas logs, we can provide you with a final product no other company can. For example, the heart of any gas log installation is the glowing ember bed. Our ember beds always contain at least three different variations of embers and an option for a fourth. No gas log manufacturer includes more than one type of ember in the box with their product. This is part of our commitment to provide the best service and best final product possible.

The EPA has identified wood burning fireplaces as emitters of particulate matter in the form of unburned combustibles as well as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide (the global warming culprit) and methane. Certain jurisdictions west of the Mississippi have already banned would burning fireplaces in new construction homes. I was invited to participate in a round of conference calls in the summer of 2010 between the EPA and the fireplace industry as they look for ways to improve the emissions of masonry fireplaces in a meaningful way or have them face serious consequences. As a former employee of the Department of Interior with a degree in Parks Recreation and Conservation, and over 30 years in the fireplace industry as a business owner, I certainly am sympathetic to both sides of this issue. Gas logs have a useful role in providing a reduced emission substitute for wood burning.

Gas logs and their related products become more popular every year. The vented gas logs we are most familiar with have remained basically unchanged since their invention in the 1950’s. Improvements in flame distribution, log appearance and ember bed quality have helped to drive the industry forward. I have seen every type of vented gas logs available and we have been installing them since 1983. Real Fyre gas logs from RHpeterson company was my choice back then, and it is still the only product we install today. They were established in 1949, and if you have ever been to the Biltmore mansion in North Carolina those 5 foot long log sets you see there in the massive ornate fireplaces are made by Peterson. All of the logs and pieces in their sets start out as real pieces of wood from which molds are made. All of the resulting logs are then painted by hand in several overlays to make them the most realistic available.

The heart of any gas log installation is the glowing ember bed. Every manufacturer includes only one kind of ember with their log set.

At Chimney Mischief we go even farther by searching out and offering additional types of embers not readily available in the marketplace. If you choose to use your fireplace with gas logs, we can provide a product no other company can. We always use 3 different types and colors of embers all with different characteristics of flicker and glow. We also have an option for a fourth. The fourth is a product well known to most gas log companies called Platinum Bright Embers, an ember material made out of ceramic wool and actually coated with real platinum. When used as an overlay over regular embers, they combust fuel at much lower temperatures. The result is less unburned gas (more complete combustion) so less pollutants go up the chimney in a process similar to that of a catalytic converter (which also uses platinum) on a car. Another by product is a significant increase in radiant heat output that is easy to feel, a great way to get more heat from your gas log fireplace! Finally the embers also burn twice as bright as regular embers creating superior aesthetics. Truly a win-win-win product we highly recommend and well worth the small additional cost. I will say that proper preparation and placement is essential and most installations we see that are not ours have not taken the time to properly install the embers to their full effect.

It is not unusual to find gas logs installed without regard to the National Fuel Gas Code, or without regard to the manufacturer’s own instructions, thereby voiding the warranty. All of our gas line installations meet code, and we can bring existing installations up to code if necessary.

We only use the finest gas logs available that can be found at

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